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  • Standard rolls of 4’ x 125’  Single Bubble Foil/Foil, Double Bubble Foil/Foil, Single Bubble White/Foil and Double Bubble White/Foil 

  • Also manufacture a no seam 6’ x 125’ and 8’ x 125’ roll version of all the available SKUs

  • Standard crushed edge tab (2-inch) for simplified overlapping; 2-inch crushed edge tab provides additional 2 inches to roll width

  • Extremely cost efficient and hassle-free

  • Foil won't compress, collapse or disintegrate

  • Ultra-white bubble (result of additives throughout all layers of our bubble)

  • Impressive opaque finish

  • Get foil fast with our accelerated lead times

  • Ability to place blanket orders (get your foil with shorter lead times) 

Sol-R-Eclipse Commercial Grade Reflective Insulation

(Roll 48" x 125' / 500 sq ft)

Sol-R-Eclipse is a patent-pending reflective insulation that delivers the highest R-Value available from a reflective insulation on the market today using the latest ATSM testing. A market leader in innovation and technology, Sol-R-Eclipse cuts the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Because of its low profile, Sol-R-Eclipse can be installed directly under the metal roofing and siding. This is a perfect solution if you have no plans on fully finishing the interior of your pole building but want to have better control of the temperatures inside.

Documented R Values Are:

  • Ceilings: R10.7

  • Walls: R9.45

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